I honor process of art

It brings challenges 

and agonies 

time to time


ease me 

save me

create joy in me

Compel me to explore unknowns

Connects me to nature 

Comforts me by bonding me to others

Natural environments I have experience in the United States, especially in the Northwest, and in Europe, have been powerful artistic sources for me for many years. At the same time, my artistic, cultural and emotional ties to Japan remain solid. Indeed, my recent main mediums are sumi ink and watercolor which goes back to my heritage.

We experience a constant climate disaster in the world. My current artistic inquiry has a lot to do with our relationship to the natural environment, which is out of balance. In the West Coast in the United States and Canada, the threats in the environment, especially forest fires are becoming more and more devastating and unfortunately becomes such a big part of our life. In my work, I cannot help contrasting between the vast and pristine nature and destructive disasters in the forests.

In addition to my individual work, I also enjoy collaboration with a musician. One of my current projects is to do improvisational paintings according to impromptu music created by my collaborator in the them of the environment. The process of my spontaneous paintings to the music is video taped and edited.